A/R NPP Primaries: Atwima Nwabiagya South Become Hot As Some Irate Delegates and Party Members to Resist “Unopposed”



Some irate delegates and party people of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Atwima Nwanbiagya South constituency of the Ashanti Region are calling on national party executives to rescind their decision to make incumbent member of parliament run unopposed.

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Incumbent MP, Hon Emmanuel Agyei Anwhere
Incumbent MP, Hon Emmanuel Agyei Anwhere.








Speaking at a press conference by Mr. George Nkrumah,a polling station executive,said,”it will be devastating for us if the party executives do not to allow contest in the upcoming parliamentary primaries in our Constituency”.









It has come to our notice that,Hon.Emmanuel Agyei-Anhwere, our incumbent member of parliament is going unchallenged which we the delegates are not pleased with it. As a matter urgency, we are calling on them to rescind their decision with immediate effect, else will campaign massively against our own party and the Mp as well.

What we know is, there are two candidates vying for the parliamentary seat in the constituency which are, Hon. Emmanuel Agyei-Anhwere and Dr. Clement Oppong. Our party executives wanted to disqualify incumbent’s competitors leaving the incumbent,Hon. Anhwere go unopposed which is contrary to the laws and statutes of the party.

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Dr Clement Oppong
Dr Clement Oppong

We are by this press conference calling on the national executives to rescind their decision if not we will resist any attempt by the party executives to impose Hon. Emmanuel Agyei-Anhwere on us,he narrated.

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Again,madam Serwaa Akoto,a grassroot member of the party in the Atwima Nwabiagya South District empathized that,its about time they get someone within the party to contest the incumbent Mp and possibly win else the party must prepare for a defeat in the coming general election on December 7,2020.

Atwima Nwanbiagya South constituency is far behind development and we won’t allow one person to destroy our party .
Dr. Clement Oppong must be allowed to contest Hon.Emmanuel Agyei-Anhwere.



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