All You Need To Know About “Support Your Alma Mater Campaign”.



Beginning in December 2019, in the region of Wuhan, China, a new (“novel”) coronavirus began appearing in human beings. This new virus spreads incredibly quickly between people. The WHO declared Covid-19 a pandemic in March, and by the end of that month, the world saw more than a half-million people infected and nearly 30,000 deaths.

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Countries across the world declared mandatory staty-at-home measures, closing schools, businesses, and public places.

Ghana wasn’t an exception as the government On Sunday, 15th March, 2020 closed down all schools and Universities including both public and private. Ban on all public gatherings like conferences, funerals, festivals, political rallies, Church services, Islamic worship was imposed on Monday, 16th March, 2020.

Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Communication jointly rolled out distance learning for students including BECE and WASSCE candidates. This ingenuity was to provide an appropriate medium of learning to foster academic work. It’s since been in force.

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On 31st May, 2020, the President announced the reopening dates for final years to complete their examinations with 15th . 23rd and 29th June for University, SHS and JHS respectively.

With the coronavirus pandemic, people all over the world have become more aware of the best practices during a pandemic, from careful hand-washing under running water with soap to social distancing, avoiding touching of MEN (Mouth, Eyes, Nose) as well as use of face masks to cover mouth and nose.

Since all finalists can’t be tested before school resumes, the best way to go about is protecting our relatives, siblings, sons and daughters from being infected.






Face masks, hand sanitizers, veronica buckets and anything that’s required in the prevention of the spread of the Corona Virus.



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It’s as simple as ABC. You don’t need to send items through an NGO for onward distribution. Items shouldn’t equally pass through the hands of any individual or third party for onward distribution.

Individuals are required to donate these items themselves to their alma mater. Old student unions/groupings as well as year groups can launch a campaign for collection and onward distribution of such items to their alma mater.






In as much as I do believe that COVID-19 has come to live with us just like other pandemics, I strongly believe that we can work together to suppress or defeat it.

This is a shared responsibility. It’s my fervent hope and prayer that this campaign will receive a massive welcome and participation from Old Students Associations, Student Unions as well as year groups in and outside Ghana. Let’s continue to adhere to the various protocols and preventive measures whilst believing that we shall surely overcome.

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Long Live Ghana
Long Live NUGS
Long Live Ghanaian Students

Call: The President for NUGS  Yiadom Boakye Emmanuel (YB) 0246970434



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