The incumbent MP for Tain Constituency Slashed OUT the “ALEX’s” over 129 votes



Some special MP’s has totally failed their race to the next elections, 2020 because of their unlucky situation and wishing them better luck next time said Hon Gabriel Osei Tain MP who won last Saturday as a Parliamentary Candidate to his second term.

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The parliamentary candidate-elect for the Tain Contituncency, Hon.Gabriel Osei has clearly expressed his appreciation to the party delegates and most especially the party Executives after Saturday victory.






According to him the development vision for the Tain Constituency remains the best agenda on his board and also to look forward to a constructive engagement with all delegates and the members of their party.

Hon.Gabriel Osei won with 52% against 38% and 18% extended an olive branch to his two opponents in the race, Ababio Alexander and Alex Ofori.

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“He will make sure Tain Constituency to be the best of his abilities and remain part of the New Patriotic Party (NPP),added.

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From his last statement, said the 2020 campaign has started after election, there should be unity and integrity to face their opponent (the NDC) of upcoming general polls(2020 December elections).




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