#NPPDecides: Dr Kingsley Nyarko Tops Kwadaso Elections

Aspirant Dr. Kingsley Nyarko
Aspirant Dr. Kingsley Nyarko



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This research was carefully conducted to know the chances of the Kwadaso Constituency NPP Parliamentary Aspirants for the upcoming 2020 party parliamentary primaries and general constituency elections, i.e. in case any aspirant win the constituency NPP primaries, and what that aspirant has to do exceptionally in order to know the chances at his/her if elected. The method used was a random interview of constituents/respondents of 100 for each electoral area in the constituency and a vivid electoral history of the Constituency. This research made use of social media as the data acquisition element and as one of the facilitating systems to this survey.

Data wise, results of Kwadaso Constituency in elections on the ticket of the NPP keep appreciating since the Constituency was created but MPs come and mess up. In conclusion, the person who will be elected as the Member of Parliament (MP) will have to work very hard to the expectation of the delegates/ constituents to continue to gaining more votes if endorsed by delegates as parliamentary candidate for the 2020 elections. I also suggest that, if the incumbent Honourable MP; Dr Samiu Kwadwo Nuamah could not make it to be retained and maintained as the parliamentary candidate or MP for the Kwadaso Constituency, a proactive person who is known and recognised and trusted should be voted as the parliamentary candidate on the ticket of NPP ahead of the 2020 presidential and parliamentary elections.

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This study established that, the NPP delegates and constituents of the Kwadaso Constituency anticipate a positive result. Based on the survey, Dr. Kingsley Nyarko won the election with a huge margin.








The Kwadaso Constituency is a sole constituency under the auspices of Kwadaso Municipality in the Ashanti Region, the Constituency is part of the Constituencies that gives the NPP massive number of votes when it comes to presidential and parliamentary elections and therefore, indicates that, it is a sole seat for only one party; the New Patriotic party (NPP). This portrays that, it is a free seat for the NPP and can never be won by another political party.

The Constituency has a number of infrastructure that is been patronized nationally such as hospitals, schools (universities and secondary) and others.

The Constituency used to be part of the Bantama Constituency but was demarcated from Bantama Constituency in the year 2004, has accommodated three consecutive Member of Parliament. The political gimmicks in the Kwadaso Constituency are very surprising as any sitting MP on the ticket of NPP can certainly say that, when it comes to parliamentary primaries he or she can win easily.

In this research, attention would be on the chances of aspirants for the forthcoming primaries, aspirants’ number of votes to get in the upcoming 2020 presidential and parliamentary elections if given the mandate to lead the party, aspirants ups and downs and policies to helping the party gather more votes for the 2020 elections.









Josephine Hilda Addoh

As data indicated, the voting pattern of Kwadaso Constuituency since 2004 has always favoured the new patriotic party led Hon. Josephine Hilda Addo, an aspirant who is not neophyte in the political arena and root to be elected as an MP for the people of kwadaso constituency. She hails from Tanoso one of the biggest town in the constituency and has dedicated much of time serving in the constituency. She taught in one of the best secondary schools in the country (Prempeh College) which is located within the constituency. Mad. Addoh as a teacher and a business woman contested the constituency primary as on the ticket of the new patriotic party after kwadaso was separated from bantam constituency which was headed by Dr. Richard Anane. She won the elections convincingly in both the presidential and parliamentary elections. She has served as a welfare officer of AngloGold Ashanti. In the year 2004, Mad. Addoh polled 26 votes to beat six other male contestants in an election supervice by the electoral commission (EC). The other contestants were Mr. Daniel Coleman who had one vote, Mr. Kwame Sarpong; Chief Executive of (Ghana Cocoa Board) two votes, Mr. Kwame Boafo, a private legal practitioner three votes and Mr. Kwabena Osei Adubofour ten votes. The rest were, Mr Kwadwo Antwi Agyei Frimpong, one vote, Dr Owusu Afriyie Akote, 20 votes. In an acceptance speech Mad. Addoh appealed to all the party’s supporters to unite to sustain her to win the seat for the NPP. She pledged to work with all the contestants who lost to ensure total victory in the 2004 elections. All the candidates who lost pledged their unflinching support to the elected candidate to ensure total victory in the constituency. Mr F.F Anto, the Ashanti regional Chairman of the party advised the supporters to rally behind the elected candidate to ensure a resounding victory. He also appealed the losing contestants to put the past behind them and rally their supporters to canvass for the elected candidate to enable her to the seat for the party. After, one term service in parliament she lost the primary to Dr. owusu afriyie akoto the current agriculture minister in 2008. She rebounds back to contest five other people including the incumbent Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto in June 2015 with hope of securing enough votes to allow her to contest the 2020 parliamentary election. The eventual winner was Dr. Samiu Kwadwo Nuamah a lecturer from the University of Ghana and a private energy expert who polled 191 votes of the total vote cast. Mad. Addoh is the third option according to this research; she is even likely to give the incumbent MP a close margin.

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Vincent Frimpong Manu

Another aspirant who is a development expert not a novice and currently the deputy CEO of Middle belt under the Ministry of Developmental and Special Initiative has also laced his boot in the contest. He made his first debut in 2015, when he contested against the MP at the time in the constituency but lost miserably by accumulating 14 votes representing 2.35%. He has made an attempt to redeem his stand in this year’s contest to again represent the party as it parliamentary candidate. Our sources say his chances of winning the parliamentary candidateship on the ticket of the new patriotic party would have been an easy walk through should he had maintain his contact with the constituency after his extremely lost.

Mr. Frimpong Manu has to seriously review his political strategy and change the rooted rumours of tribalism in politics thereby, making his campaign policies known to the delegates/constituents. Until that is done, he doom facing miserable defeat in this year’s parliamentary primaries. Based on our research, about 87% of the delegates/constituents questioned his contributions to the fortunes of the party using his current portfolio as deputy CEO of Middle Belt. They say they have not seen any job offered from him neither have they seen any social intervention policy been undertaking by him.

Reliable information gathered from his close associate say, the Deputy CEO of Middle Belt is a novice in the political scene despite the fact that he has contested before to lead the party as its parliamentary candidate. He takes any political opinions from his camp rather than to implement what he thinks is right. Mind you, every constituency has one unique way of politicking and as a serious politician wanting to register in the field; you need not to adhere to whatever the people from your camp say, what they don’t like and where they always do not want to be. If the Deputy CEO does not adhere to any political- environmental dictate of the constituency, he cannot make a surprise come back to fulfil his ambition. For him to win, he needs to follow political convention wisdom and it is not all that clear to constituents that he has any plans to pursue same. Based on the reasons mentioned above, 95% of delegates/constituents say, he ricks losing greatly again like the last primaries.










Dr. Kingsley Nyarko

Aspirant Dr. Kingsley Nyarko
Aspirant Dr. Kingsley Nyarko

A very determined aspirant whose humility is known in the rank and file of Busia Danquah and Dombo tradition has also filed and has been cleared to contest among the heavy weight in the constituency. He is a psychology expert in the field of education who happens to supervise post graduate research work in the renowned University of Ghana, GIMPA, UEW etc. he is the former executive director of the new patriotic party (NPP) research tink tank the Danquah Institute (DI). He is currently the executive secretary of the national accreditation board (NAB). This personality was one of the leading front campaigners to the political initiation of H.E Nana Addo Danquah in the 2016 presidential and parliamentary elections. His absence in the camp of NAB would affect their day to day activities significantly if he wins the Kwadaso parliamentary seat to represent them in the parliament of Ghana.

The case of Dr. Kingsley Nyarko winning the NPP primaries could be a perfect replacement and decision for delegates to make for the future prospect of the party. Every stage in time has its own solution, thus, a new solution of providing a new face of representation that has the love and can garner votes from constituents. Constituents have it that, he is the candidate who holds the key of love to the development and the wellbeing of the people in the constituency. For virtue of his honesty, compassionate, yet strong-willed and extraordinary leadership skills, others viewed him as a mole in the party who has strong human relations with delegates/constituents and even the main opposition party members; until they realised that, his quality of leadership skills is beyond party representation. However, feedbacks from various communities describe his candidature as “humility running against the big money holders, can humility alone wins the NPP upcoming primaries this time?” Constituents are of the view that, there is a candidate in the person of Dr. Kingsley Nyarko who has the human heart to appeal to the conscience of the majority of delegates from both ends but lacks the financial wherewithal. The research reviewed that 91% of the constituents are of the view that Dr. kingsley Nyarko would perform marvellously well should he sailed through the primaries to represent the party for the upcoming 2020 parliamentary elections: thus, mobilised a good financial support from well- wishers under all those who have the party at heart. If the candidature of Dr. Kingsley Nyarko gets a good financial support coupled with his already widely known innate born qualities of being good to people of all social ranks, the NPP would record a sound victory footing in the upcoming 2020 elections as parliamentary candidate.

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The victory of the party must be a paramount concern to all members of the party and those who have the development of the constituency at heart and not particularly on candidate who have the financial standing and “network at the top hierarchy of the party but lacks the seed of love sworn in the hearts of the delegates. For such candidates, they might win the primaries for the run of their moneys but will not canvas for more votes in the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections, i.e. the votes will decrease and might also not perform well.









Hon. Dr. Samiu Kwadwo Nuamah

Picture of Dr. S.K Nuamah (MP) for Kwadaso Constituency
Picture of Dr. S.K Nuamah (MP) for Kwadaso Constituency

He is handsome, energetic and fantastic young man. Dr Nuamah is the incumbent MP for the people of Kwadaso and a private energy expert as profession and a former lecturer in Ghana’s prestigious University of Ghana. Hon Dr Samiu Kwadwo Nuamah as novice in the political arena when it comes to Kwadaso NPP politics won at his first ever attempt in the last NPP parliamentary primaries over ‘the elephant’; Dr Owusu Afriyie Akoto (Current Minister of Agriculture) who had won the elections over his sister Mad Josephine Hilda Addoh to become the MP on two consecutive terms. Normally, the incumbent has the opportunity to go for the second term but there are some issues surrounding the album used to elect their aspirants which he was unable to resolved making and has cast spell of on his chance of winning this year 2020 primaries in kwadaso constituency. Due to the circulating and purporting issue making rounds and some delegates/constituents have raised and eye brow drawing his fortunes to the drain. The same issue made the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the NPP to hold on the said date where the election was supposed to be held. The allegations making rounds was the removal of some of the delegates who has the ultimate power to elevate the passionate personality to represent them in parliament of Ghana and Kwadaso at large. Basically, the incumbent Dr. S.K. Nuamah stands the point of difficulty to gunner high votes than his rival for reasons such as unfulfilled personal problems of delegates/ constituents, slow pace of areas such as jobs for the youth, scholarships for the students and very low participation in community developmental related activities.








Table 1.0

Parliament: Kwadaso Constituency results in brief





Dr. Samiu Kwadwo Nuamah




Josephine Hilda Addoh




Dr. Charles Dwamena




Dr. Afriyie Akoto




Dr. Kingsley Nyarko




Vincent manu frimpong











From the table above, the year 2015 parliamentary primaries speak a lot about the chances of each every aspirants in this year’s primaries in Kwadaso Constituency. Strategically, campaign logistics and specifically, an appealing aspirant to put in place for assured victory in 2020 Parliamentary Elections. The political trend normally do portrays a reduction of votes of MPS who are seeking to extend their tenure as member of parliament for the fact that some delegates/ constituents might be fed up of his or her candidature for lack of concrete developmental agenda to tackle the poor state of communities, lacking basic social amenities. The incumbent Dr. S.K. Nuamah stands the point of difficulty to gunner high votes than his rival for reasons such as unfulfilled personal problems of delegates/ constituents, slow pace of areas such as jobs for the youth, scholarships for the students and very low participation in community developmental related activities. One embracing factor that delegates/ constituents hinted about Dr Kingsley Nyarko over the contestants; he has low task to perform because he is been to parliament and his flaws are not known and that he is supposedly running a clean sheet to capture power and to recapture convincingly for the party.

a) The general objective of this survey is to identify the flaws and chances of all the aspirants within the Kwadaso enclave.
b) To review the social economic status; diverse educational background, their tribe, social classes, political stance within the constituency and the country Ghana.
c) Also to assess the capacity each aspirants holds and how close they are with their delegates and the executives.
d) Another objective to this survey is to assess their character within the constituency and what they have done to rescue their people and what they can offer when they voted into power.
e) To ascertain the choices of the NPP delegates of Kwadaso constituency.
f) Sort to explain extraordinary policies which can be implemented by the aspirants soliciting for votes in the constituency

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The research had some few limitations, and they include;
a) Inability of some of the respondent.
b) Unwillingness of some of the residents to partake in the survey.
c) Unwillingness of some of the executives and delegates to disclose their stand with regards to their favourite candidate.
d) Lack of funds for transportation and materials.
The research took approximately four (4) weeks to get it done. Primary data was used for the analysis. Opinions and views of respondents were elicited using a survey engine application and printed questionnaire. Four hundred and fifty (750) respondents were targeted but exactly three hundred and three (603) respondents formed the sample size. The research was conducted in Electoral Areas of the Constituency.

Comparatively, aspirants are Josephine Hilda Addoh, Vincent Frimpong Manu, Dr. Kingsley Nyarko and Hon. Dr. Samiu Kwadwo Nuamah, who’s the people’s choice and why?









The research reviewed that, Kwadaso Constituency has not been easy for incumbent mps and it’s likely for the incumbent to lose his seat to a new face to represent the people on the ticket of NPP in parliament. Dr. Kingsley Nyarko is likely to win the seat from the incumbent MP Hon. Dr. Kwadwo Nuamah.

Though, Hon. Dr. Kwadwo Nuamah in the history of kwadaso presidential and parliamentary elections has won the higher number of votes in both presidential and parliamentary, he could not add or maintain the votes he had in last primary elections. This survey is reached when you compare the margin of victory he won over the first runner up who is Hon. Josephine Hilda Addoh. So if he lucky to be endorsed by the delegates again he has to work very hard to the expectation of the delegates and the constituency as a whole.








The Kwadaso constituency, the research reviewed that, they are bitterly complaining about the lobbyism of their MP, i.e. when it comes to the procuring and securing for developmental project in the constituency. From the research, Kingsley Nyarko tops with about 54%, the incumbent MP Hon. Dr. Samiu Kwadwo Nuamah had 27%, Mad. Josephine Hilda Addoh 16% and Mr. Vincent Frimpong Manu 3%. Whoever wins the parliamentary candidateship has to lobby very hard to get the people together and as well by engaging in social intervention projects to realign the people’s heart in faith towards him/her for victory.

One candidate should not be allowed to contest more than two times. The maximum the person should be considered is two terms as the third time is highly likely to be a change of MP even Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto second term was not admired by the people. Money has a say in the determination of who wins the seat especially when the politicians has a brilliant strategy of spreading the resources to the delegates.

Constituents and delegates need to be educated on the implications of making direct and personal financial demands from aspirants and its aftermath if he/she wins.

Aspirants need to declare their source of funding to increase transparency in election spending. Two aspirants are in the race have problems of integrity and public integrity issues.

There need to be a review article 11 of the party’s constitution and article 94 of the 1992 constitution.










Considering the competitiveness of the Kwadaso seat with each aspirants vying for the parliamentary candidateship on the ticket of NPP, delegates should base on their achievement and policies of each and every aspirants. Elections are about competitive visions to solve in the community or country and there is no better format than for the delegates to know which of the policies to bring development in the constituency.










No electoral system is perfect-there are always-offs involved (e.g. candidates or personal influence vrs party coherence; accountability to voters vrs accountability to the party; short-term advantage vs long term stability, minority representation and ensuing fragmentation of party systems vrs government coherence and durability; incentives for pork barrel vrs corruption; the provision of public goods vs the provision of more targeted ones; etc). This means that, the design of constitutional structures and electoral rules is a balancing act that has produced a wide range of both problems and solutions (Kunicova and Rose-Ackerman 2005).



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