“Covid-19 Is Not Malaria whereby 6,000 Patients can Recover Overnight” – Dr Ayariga


The Founder and Leader of All People’s Congress (APC), Dr Hassan Ayariga, has not only doubted the recovery figures presented by the president on his 12th COVID 19 address to the nation but suggested that someone mistakenly added a zero to the number thereby making it 6,000 instead of 600.








This, he said was impossible for a patriotic citizen to comprehend hence,health experts who have the country at heart have to come clean with real figures of recoveries.







“The number of recoveries, one would say that something was wrong with the figures. I would say that they were looking at 600 recoveries, and probably someone mistakenly added a zero to it making 6,000. If not, It not possible for any country in the world to have 6,000 recoveries in a day. You and I know that Covid-19 is not malaria whereby one will stop to reason, even if it is malaria symptoms; how many hospitals will be able to treat 6,000 patients in a day?”







Dr Ayariga who spoke on A1 Radio added that despite the justifications made by the government that it used the World Health Organization standards, it was a flawed approach because the virus as explained is not like fever or any common sickness whereby when a patient recovered from it such a patient will not get it again.






“After I release a statement yesterday, I think the President came indirectly to talk to me that they have used the WHO standards to come out with such figures. Even if that was so, to what point will one say that if you get the virus and recovered from it you will not get it again.”

He, however, called on politicians especially the current government to be patriotic with citizens in this era of Covid-19 always tell them the truth as they (citizens) deserved to know the factuality of the virus.



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