COVID -19: Our Behaviour will determine rates of infection spread and deaths in Ghana – Dr Da costa



The Director of Health Promotion at Ghana Health Service, Dr Da costa Aboagye has noted that the behaviour of Ghanaians in adhering to the preventive measures will determine the rate of transmission of the COVID 19 infection in Ghana in going forward.

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Adhering strictly to the safety protocols such as mandatory wearing of face mask, regular handwashing and observing social distancing will significantly reduce the rate of transmission of the virus. Dr Da Costa stated.






The viral spread will reduce significantly if everyone adheres strictly to these safety protocols.

He noted, that complying with the non-pharmaceutical measures will reduce the rate of Ghana’s infection and deaths substantially.

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If we are all wearing our facemask properly and keeping it clean at all times, for example, we protect ourselves, our family, our community, and our country.

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He further stated that the surgical face masks, N95 and cloth nose masks are not replacing the preventive etiquettes of washing hands with soap under running water, observation of physical/social distancing and other safety protocols but are to be observed concurrently.









Dr Aboagye advised Ghanaians to change their behaviour and adhere to the new normal preventive protocols to limit the spread and reduce number of COVID-19 deaths.







Ghana’s confirmed case count of COVID-19 is now14, 568 with 10,907 recoveries and 95 deaths.

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