NDC vs EC:The birth certificate is a bit tricky but it more compromised. – Joy






Enfransmedia called the 2012 and 2016 Independent Presidential Candidate, Jacob Osei Yeboah, aka JOY, with not yet clear verdict on NDC-EC. Enfransmedia specifically asked if the Supreme Court grants the Voter’s ID card and Birth Certificates, what will be his reaction. This is what JOY said;

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“It was obvious the NDC knew the Supreme cannot stop EC to carry out its constitutional mandate. So it was a waste of time. I will also be surprise of the SC can grant the Voter ID Card. Knowing that Parliament legislated against in 2017 by NIA Act950 in 2017 and more especially when Jean Mensah ‘s EC has demonstrated the lack of credibility through CI-12.









The birth certificate is a bit tricky. But the reality is that it more compromised. If the JSC grant it may lack the clarity of prevailing circumstances.”
JOY, however, said ilhe may appeal to the SC if the Voter ID is accepted.

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Enfransmedia awaits the clarity of the verdict from the SC.

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