N/R-Tamale: 63 Year Man Defiled 3 Kids, One Pregnant, 4th Child Spared.


A 63 year old man has allegedly defiled 3 minors, got one of them pregnant but let one go for fear of being exposed.










The grey headed man, Mahama Issahaku popularly known as Mba Gooje (a retired guitarist) in the community of Shishegu employed an old age stamina to lure four innocent girls into his chamber where he allegedly had sex with three .

One of the victims narrated; “We live just behind the house of Mba Goonje. Our friend paid us a visit. For a while, we were in the process of escorting her home when we got to Mba Goonje’s house. He beaconed us to come and run errand for him. He sent us to buy mineral drink- (planet) for him. When we returned with the planet drink, he asked us to come into his room. We refused to go in. Mba goonje told us its a taboo to give food to an aged whilst at the door. For fear of breaking a taboo we compromised and got into his room. As if by design, Mba Goonje quickly locked his door and brought out a sword that got us scared suddenly.










He told us to remain silent or else we will be killed. We never wished for death so we complied.

He defiled us in sequence in his bed room whilst some were in the living room waiting for their tend. When it was my tend to be abused, he covered my face with his pillow with force and removed my panties. He penetrated me Whiles I wept in pain.

One of my friends at the waiting room started screaming, for fear of being exposed, Mba Goonje opened his door for her to leave.”

“After Mba Gooje had finished his theatre works on us, he told us never to disclose what he did to us to our parents or any other person. Failure to comply to his directives, he promised to kill us secretly with a spell ( Kabire ).” The Victim added.










The cat was led out of the bag when the 13 year old victim was noticed vomiting indiscriminately.

She was quickly rushed to the pharmacy for malaria treatment. Laboratory test proved that, the 13 year little girl was four months pregnant.

Surprisingly, the 13 year old confessed to Enfransmedia that; “this is the second time Mba Goonje has done this to her. He sexually abused me in December last year 2019. He used the same threat on me so I have been mute till this second abuse in February this year. I could not disclose it to anybody because, I didn’t want to die.”











A little bird disclosed  to Enfransmedia, Northern Regional Correspondent Abdul Kadir Issahaku, that, Mba Goonje has led an unchaste life style during his youthful stay in the community of Tishegu before he joined his younger brother at Shishegu.

The matter has since been reported to the Police and Suspect Mba Goonje is currently firmly fixed in the hands of the Police – Dovvsu.

The Police picked Suspect from his residence in Shishegu for investigations leaving behind his two wives, 8 children and 13 grandchildren.








The Police have since launched investigation into the matter with plans underway to arrange Suspect before Court.

The Eagle Eye told Enfransmedia that, the 13 year pregnant Victim may not be able to carry on with the Pregnancy due to her narrow pelvic nature.



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