Our Religious Bodies Christianity and Islam Are Bigger than NPP and Nana Addo and therefore, Need to be respected – ADAM-GH Fires Nana Addo

Picture of ADAM-GH at Manhyia Palace
Picture of ADAM-GH at Manhyia Palace

The Anchoring Democracy Advocacy Movement Ghana ADAM GH a civil society organization that anchors proper democratic principles and ensure good governance, said the covid 19 pandemic has exposed President Nana Addo hatred against our Religious bodies especially Christianity and Islam in Ghana.

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The Executive Secretary for ADAM-GH, Mr. Azubila added that, it has also exposed how the president and his appointees put active members of the NPP as first class citizens ahead of entire Ghanaians.

The president knows very well that Churches and Mosques are places Ghanaians listen to their pastors and Imams and comport themselves, very discipline and always obey any instructions given by their Religious leaders (Pastors and Immams ) and therefore as compared to the NPP primaries, the exercise of NIA, EC and any other elections related activities. We believe that allowing Christians and Muslims to worship their creator by observing World Health Organization (WHO) protocols can not increase the spread of covid 19 because our Religious bodies are very discipline institutions where covid 19 protocols can be strictly followed through the advice of our Pastors and Immams as compared to the NPP Primaries, NIA and EC exercise as well as political related activities.


















Ghanaians in general saw the danger of this corona virus covid 19 pandemic and sacrifices their comfort and freedom of worship and other associations, just to support the president to fight the spread of covid 19 for the good of the country. This sacrifices of Ghanaians incudes but not limited to the closure of churches and mosque, funeral activities, two weeks partial lockdown, drivers forcefully reducing the numbers of passengers which goes against their daily sales, closure of businesses, Doctors and health workers sacrificing their lives, private cars drivers are now subject to prosecution when driving a lone in a car without face mask etc.
Ghanaians are making these sacrifices to help fight the spread of the covid 19 however, its very unfortunate that, the President and his party NPP are flouting the laws of the country with impunity and our security apparatus failed or fear to take actions because NPP members are 1st class citizens who are above the laws of the country, a typical sign of dictstorship.
Ladies and gentlemen of the media, you are aware that two pastors and their church workers were jailed four years each for flouting the covid 19 directives, Ghanaians were beaten by security personnel during lockdown period, Ghanaians has recently been arrested for walking outside without a face and nose mask.
If leadership by example is something to go by:
We saw NPP primaries where social distancing protocols were thrown to the dogs and one week after the primaries no arrest has been made.

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No hand shaking or touching yet we saw the minister of information Kojo Opong Nkrumah’s popular acclamation in his constituency Efuase Ayerebi where his hands were raised by three persons without hand gloves.

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In the primaries we saw NPP executives throwing blows, punching and slapping each other without PPEs. Fighting or violence it self is a crime but at least when they were fighting we expected them to observe the safety protocols because the President said we are not in normal times.

We saw parliamentary candidates elect and their supporters shaking hands, hugging and in some points throwing punches without PPEs.

We saw political gatherings at the primaries where the numbers exceeds the hundred (100) persons cut point without social distancing.

We saw over hundred party faithful’s of the NPP dancing yesterday at the president and his running mate confirmation program.

Ladies and gentlemen, no one has been arrested or invited by the police.


















Fellow Ghanaians, ladies and gentlemen,ADAM GH is so disappointed in the president, his party NPP and security service in this country for their Selective justice syndrome and open bias attitude making others untouchable and others can be thrown to jail for the same offence. It is now the norm that those associated to the president can exercise any kind of lawless as we saw in the NPP party executives and parliamentary aspirants who allegedly violated the laws of the country with impunity and are walking freely.
H. E President Nana Addo addressed the nation on the state of covid 19 pandemic in the country last week Sunday just a day after his party violated the covid 19 pandemic protocols but he failed to comment on the matter.
Exactly a week after the president party violated the0p covid 19 pandemic protocols with impunity, also organized he and his running mate confirmation program and the same violation of the country laws concerning the covid 19 protocols.
It is evidently clear that, any lawless activities that is directly associated to the president own party NPP and agencies that act in the party’s interest, are seen to be above the laws of Ghana which is very unfortunate. The NIA exercise in the Eastern Region in March 2020 when public gathering restrictions directives was issued by the president is a typical example as well.

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ADAM GH hereby condemn this attitude of THEM verses US syndrome which is sharply dividing this united country of ours. Now NPP members are more Ghanaians than the entire citizens. our Democracy in Ghana under the leadership of President Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo is at risk as our country is gradually becoming Dictatorship governance instead of the Democracy we are practicing over the years. Democracy is a system of government by the whole population, equality under the law or all eligible members of a county through elected representatives . Dictatorship is a form of government in which one person or a group of people possesses absolute powers without effective constitutional limitations. The leadership of Nana Addo can be best fit into the definition of Dictatorship than Democrac. The Selective justice system in this country is a worrying situation because it is worse than military rule especially when citizens realized they are being treated as 2nd class citizens as against others who see themselves as 1st class citizens.
On Tue, 31 Oct 2017 Ghana’s High Commissioner to South Africa Hon. George Ayisi-Boateng’s statement that NPP members are first class citizens and that, his topmost priority in South Africa is to help solve the problems of members of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) before any other Ghanaian. When he was addressing some members of the Tertiary Students’ Confederacy Network (TESCON) at Kumasi Technical University.
Madam Ursla Owusu of NPP and minister of communication also said Ghana belongs to certain tribes in Ghana and therefore, they have taking ownership of their land.
Hon. K.T Hammond statement about what he describes as strange votes coming from the Volta Region wiping away Ghanaians votes specifically Ketu South Constituency and the deployment of heavy security to the volta Region and intimidation of voltarians and trying to print a picture that Voltarians are Togolese is exposing the president secret agenda of making his party members and certain tribes first class citizens against the rest of us. If Hon. K. T Hammond is not aware, According to the 2010 population census, total ewe speaking in Ghana was 3.3m with about 1.6m residing in the Volta region that’s abt just 47% so sending heavy security to the Volta Region with frivolous and baseless allegations that Togolese votes wiped away NPP votes in 2008 elections is nothing but votes suppression and tribal hatred which need not to be entertained in our Ghanaian politics.

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Ghanaians are one people with common cultures, values and inter marriage this current NPP under Nana Addo should not divide us. These lawlessness from the president own party, ethnocentrism coupled with divisive comments from his appointees is a clear indication that our country Democracy is at serious risk under Nana Addo leadership.
We are hereby, sending a caution to our state institutions especially our security service, Judiciary and Electroral commission not to be stooges to this Dictatorship and divisive Governance of the current NPP but to make Ghana their first priority over any individual interest and protect the interest of Ghanaians only. Politcal parties will come and go but Ghana remains for ever for us as Ghanaians.

(Executive Secretary ADAM GH).
CONTACT NUMBER; 0544418072

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Approved Director of Research and Media Relations.



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