Elect public servants who care about common good – Kojo Asamoa-Caesar

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People cast their votes in presidential and parliamentary elections at a polling station in Tesano, Accra, Ghana, Saturday, Dec. 8, 2012. About 225 polling stations reopened Saturday for an impromptu second day of voting after there were technical breakdowns on the first day of voting, Ghana voting officials announced. Some voters waited in line all day Friday and then returned to vote on Saturday. (AP Photo/Gabriela Barnuevo)

Kojo Asamoa-Caesar


The first Ghanaian American nominee for the United States of America Congress has urged leaders across the world and current democracies to care more about the common good.









In an interview with academic, researcher and political communication analyst Etse Sikanku, Mr Asamoa-Caesar said societies must cultivate leaders who align with their national values.

“We have to elect public servants who care more about the common good and the public interest than they do about their own self-interest”, he said.

Mr Asamoa-Caesar won Oklahoma’s first Congressional District primaries for the Democratic party.












He will go up against incumbent Keven Hern in the November 3 elections.

Mr Asamoa-Caesar is the first Black nominee from Oklahoma’s District one to run for office and the youngest ever Democratic nominee for the state of Oklahoma’s first Congressional District.

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He’s also the first resident of North Tulsa to be nominee for his district, and very significantly, he is the first Ghanaian American nominee for Congress.













His win has been touted as inspiring especially at a time of widespread concerns about racial injustice and limited opportunities for minorities in America.

Mr Asamoa-Caesar asserted that leadership is very critical to the success of any community, therefore, electing the right leaders is very paramount.















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