Why Is Speaker Mike Aaron Quaye And The Leadership Of The House Still At Post – Joy’s Team Quizzes Gove’t

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The Communication team executives of the 2012, 2016 and coming 2020 election independent presidential candidate, Jacob Osei Yeaboah (JOY) in a press release has quizzes the Position Government leading by H.E Nana Addo, the reason why the Speaker of parliament  Mike Aaron Quaye And The Leadership Of The House Still At Post .

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Read the full statement below:

From The Communication Directorate JOY2020 CAMPAIGN OFFICE

5th July, 2020

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There are three arms of Government, The Executive, The Legislature and The Judiciary. The Executive approves all laws through Parliamentent. While the Supreme Court interpret all laws.
For every nation to survive and be disciplined; Life should be respected; laws should be respected and should be enforced by all these arms of government.

However the Legislative arm plays major role in making these laws.

There are 8 types of laws which include the following
1.Criminal law
2. Labour law
3. International law
4. Family law
5. Intecllectual law
6. Coporate law
7. Commercial law
8. Constitutional law.
Our interest falls on constitutional law, which is defined by American definition as ” An area of law which includes any legal proceedings related to upholding or interpreting the constitution”.

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Literally this area of law gives power and takes power from any arm of government.

Per the 1992 constitution of the Republic of Ghana article 93(2), gives Parliament the power to make laws, while articles 95 and 97 of the same constitution also outline procedures through which the Speaker or a Parliamentarian can be removed.

As a team we analyse situations before drawing conclusions.











For instance every one seem to be throwing tantrums at Hon. Carlos Ahenkorah for breaking his oath, by not self isolating himself per the President’s directive as a law maker or a Parliamentarian, for deceiving his constituents and spreading the disease.

From analytical point of view, some few questions must be answered:

What circumstances led Hon. Carlos Ahenkorah to confess that he has tested positive to Covid-19?

Was there a political force that made him to confess? Or he was under pressure by unknown forces? or he truly and genuinely meant his confession?

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Again if any of these answers are true or false why was this hidden from the public by Parliament?

Because Parliament all along had the list of infected members; why didn’t they reveal it to the public? Why did the speaker allow Hon. Carlos Ahenkorah and other MPS to still go ahead with their campaign? Was that ignorance or deliberate? What really was the reason for keeping these names out of the public while a section of MPs wanted Speaker to emulate the best practices in the world of infected persons irrespective of social class?

So in our opinion, if law makers who are so experienced and know better about the laws deliberately and irresponsibly break them, why then should one be sacrificed for others to enjoy?

In other words why should Carlos Ahenkorah be made to resign for the Speaker to be at post?

Infact the inability of the speaker and the leadership of the house to release the list of infected members to the public is still National Security threat.

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Our MPs have become “covid-19 suicide bombers” blasting sadly, innocent admirers and disrespecting the life and the laws of Ghanaians.

Therefore we believe the Speaker, Mike Aaron Oquaye should resign or be removed for deceiving and disrespecting the life and laws of Ghanaians. Because if Parliament had released the list of infected MPs, lives could have been saved and constituents would have been safe from Covid-19 infection?










The cases of COVID-19 in Ghana started going up immediately the Speaker refused to name and isolate MPs.

In our final submission we will say well done to the President or the Executive for accepting the resignation of Hon. Carlos Ahenkorah. The Speaker should still make public the names of infected MPs with the little honesty left for Ghanaians. For, if the President, H.E Nana Addo has been honest with his status to go in self isolation after visiting registration centres, the Speaker should also resign as aiding Hon. Carlos Ahenkorah act of “suicide bombing with COVID-19”.

From The Communication Directorate of JOY 2020 Campaign Office.



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