We Can’t Ply Praso, Pokukrom And Kyeaboso Roads – Women Cry On Roads And High Ways

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Residents and citizens of Pokukrom and Kyeaboso in the Twifo Atti-morkwa District of the Central Region are calling on the Ministry of Roads and high ways as well as the Government to come to their rescue .

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According to them , the only road from the District capital ( Twifo Praso) to Pokukrom and Kyeaboso has become a dead trap.










Speaking to one of the community members, she said: “Our roads have become a night mare. We afraid we may get fatal accidents due to the poor nature of our roads. We cant do business in other towns and surrounding villages.”









They added that, good roads are the major facilities a town should enjoy to enable the people to transport their food stuffs from their farms to the markets. Our farm produce are perishing because we cant get to the market sell, she added. In times of emergency to the hospital, most women in labour usually loose their unborn babies due to the deplorable nature of the roads.

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The residents issued out a very pathetic plea to the Government to come to their aid in order to prevent accidents from occurring on their dilapidated road structure.

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