Electorates Should Be Wise – Rev. Agyinasare Jnr Maxwell



It is time we need to educate both N. P.P and N.D.C supporter’s that they must be wise when it comes to election. Election is not about intimidating one another but rather allowing one exercise his or her duties as citizen of a country.






The founder and the leader of Christ Outreach Embassy, Rev. Agyinasare Jnr Maxwell said, because of this registration exercise both supporter’s the top leading parties N.P.P and N.D.C are murdered themselves because of positions and fame’s and they shouldn’t forget that these people are friends so electorates should be wise so that this exercise will not create any chaos in this country.








According to him, we came and met politics so therefore we will leave and leave politics behind we shouldn’t allow politics to divides ourselves rather politics must joined us together if you don’t agreed with someone that doesn’t mean he or she is your enemy.







Furthermore, we should allow the Electoral Commission to do this exercise without any harassment and intimation, because we Ghanaians has given them some work to do so we should allow them to do that exercise, however electoral commission should understand that they are not there for both N.P.P and N.D.C but rather they are there for Ghanaians to sure that the right thing is done help to Ghanaians not politician and all eligible Ghanaians should be allow to registered without fear and panic.








He urged all Religious bodies and Peace Council to invade into this matter and they shouldn’t be silent about this matters they should talk to both the electorates and politician that we have only one Ghana. God bless our homeland Ghana and our Nation great and strong.

Credit To: Kwame Yeboah



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