Ministry of Health procured 2,343 immunization cold chain equipment to be installed in health facilities



The Ministry of Health has today handed over some vaccine fridges to DENG Limited for installation at some health facilities across the country.

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The fridges were procured with funds from the Government of Ghana and Global Alliance for Vaccine Initiatives (GAVI)

Deng the local agent for vestfrost solutions, is expected to install these equipment in health facilities through the cold chain equipment optimization platform (CCEOP) project.










The Director General of Ghana health service, Dr. Patrick Kuma Aboagye who spoke to Green News on behalf of the health Minister, Kwaku Agyeman Manu said, the implementation of the CCEOP is expected to strengthen the immunization cold chain to improve vaccine management and ultimately deliver quality immunization services to children in Ghana.

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According to him, 2,343 immunization cold chain equipment (Vaccine fridges, Freezers with their thermometers) will be installed in health facilities between now and the end of this year.

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He said, DENK Limited will also provide maintenance services of these equipment for 2 years and build the capacity of our clinical engineering staff to take over the maintenance after this period.









The Managing Director of Deng Limited, Mr. Kenneth Kofi Cornelius also added that, 2, 343 vaccine fridge is a very good initiative by the Ministry of Health which will be able to keep the vaccine in a cool temperature anf deliver effective immunization which is one of the most far reaching health intervention that closely.




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