John Mahama’s Promise Of Building Morgues In Zongo Communities, Unconscionable – Baba Alhaji Writes



As the 2020 general elections approach, there have been avalanche of promises from the two dominant parties in Ghana. Both parties have outdoored their manifestos which contains plans they both have for Ghanaians. The NDC after series of postponement, finally outdoored the manifesto which was dubbed the People’s Manifesto. Their main reason for the title of that manifesto was; it represents the views of the people. However, contents and detailed analysis of the manifesto contradicts the heading of their document.

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John Mahama a former President and current Presidential candidate for the NDC, once again, exposed his party’s manifesto in an interview he granted on TV XYZ over the weekend. In the said interview, John Mahama, is on record to have said that, one of their topmost priorities on their part of developing Zongo communities in Ghana, is to build morgues across the Zongo communities in Ghana. Such a warped logic!

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This claim by John Mahama, as it is contained in their manifesto, is evidence suggestive that, the NDC do not know the needs of Ghanaians and no broader consultations were done, prior to the outdooring of their manifesto. The title was only chosen to mislead Ghanaians.






It must be noted that, Muslims are predominantly based in the Zongo communities and we do not keep dead bodies to bury them later as it is done by other religions in Ghana. Building of morgues in Zongo communities can never be a priority in the Zongos. A clear deception, which once again, exposes the NDC on their long standing claim that, they have Zongo at heart.

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To my utmost surprise, the NPP, a political party which the NDC usually incites against people of Zongo communities, have constantly implemented rich policies to the benefit of these people. The implementation of Zongo Development Fund, Building of Astro Turfs, Employing Arabic Instructors and the current promise of building 16 model schools in their recently, outdoored manifesto, is a clear indication that, the NPP actually mean well for Zongos.

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For John Mahama to clearly emphasize on that promise as outlined in their manifesto, clearly indicates, their blatant disregard for the development of Zongo communities. Building of morgues can and will never be a priority in our Zongo communities. That decision is simply unconscionable!


Baba Alhaji – Personal Assistant To Ashanti Regional Youth Organisers.



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