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Anchoring Democracy Advocacy Movement Ghana (ADAM-GH) a civil society organization said it is evidently clear that, since the assumption of office of Mrs. Jean Mensah led EC, nothing at the EC office has ever been done right as compared to her predeccessors.

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According to the Executive Secretary of ADAM-GH Mr. Azubila Salam Emmanuel, Ghanaians doubt about the appointment of Mrs. Jean Mensah and whether or not she can be neutral due to strange circumstances surounding her appointment coupled with the removal of Mrs. Challotte Osei through faceless pettitioners has been vindicated. The action of Mrs. Jean Mensah led EC , her open bias attitude and blatant lies told by her is a clear indication that this country is sitting on a time bomb.



It is undemocratic when you see the whole electral commissioner behaving this way, her disrespectful and belligerent posture to the commission’s stakeholders, prominent personalities in this country such as our National house of Chiefs and elders of this great country of ours are matters of great concern. Mrs. Jean Mensah led EC that has consistently proven to be a stooge to corrupt politicians who denied this country of several development due to corruption and unprecedented scandals and now fear to be punished by discerning Ghanaians through voting and therefore sought to remove names of Ghanaians from several polling stations. Ghanaians whose only interest is to see development at their various catchment areas and progress of Ghana, an expectation this government has failed to meet therefore decided to deny them from voting which is a violation of their fundamental inalienable democratic rights underpinned by the 1992 constitution . Let it be served on the Electoral Commission that, no amount of intimidation, violence, removal of names can save a poor government if Ghanaians decide to kick you out of power. Jean Mensah and her deputies can find another means to appreciate Nana Addo for appointing them as EC bosses but not to deny Ghanaians the right to vote and so they can impose him on us. Ghanaians right to vote whether you are Ewe, Notherner or Akyem will not be compromised by someone’s appointment. Ladies and gentlemen of the media, when we keep on condemning the negativity of the EC without attacking it root cause, we will be chasing shadows. Our country’s Democracy is in serious mess and under threat following the self-seeking politicians who have turned our Electoral body into a political organ to impose themselves on Ghanaians against their own will and in violation of their democratic rights. It’s very unfortunate that our President and his party have never seen anything wrong with several mess being caused by the EC not to talk about him cautioning the EC which is a clear indication that, the EC is perfectly dancing to the tunes and satisfaction of the Predident who appointed her by intentionally making certain people look like they are non Ghanaians based on their geographical locations and ethnic backgrounds. Have you ever seen the President and his party condemning obvious instances of show of incompetence in the line of duty of the EC, particularly in respect of the excesses of the voter registration exercise and subsequently the ongoing voter exhibition exercise, other than praise-singing against an evident public outcry?.anything leading to the 2020 elections and the President and his party condemn it before upon the public outcry? A very unfortunate and disappointing posture by government to say the least.

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In fact personal identification numbers are very basic in database management systems and biometrically, when personal identification numbers are captured it should never allow a duplicate. In the case of Jean Mensah led EC and President Nana Addo regime biometric register compilation, there are duplicates and people having their cards with somebody’s picture.

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The major concern at this point in time is that those whose names have been interchanged with other people’s pictures shows the whole system has been compromised. You see people complaining that photos of others have been given to them which under normal circumstances should not happen except there is some corruption of the software and through deliberate manipulations. Professionalism in our electoral body has become thing of the past and every decision in the EC is nothing but politically motivated towards the disenfranchisement of the very citizens who have over the years enjoyed their Democratic rights in successive governments. We are calling on our colleagues civil society organizations to speak the hard tuth to power and stop putting all the blame on the EC. The president is a bad leader and he is the one destroying our country’s Democracy and must be told.

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The decission to change the existing credible biometric register to this mess called new biometric register, the requirement for Ghanaians to prove their citizenship in the just ended registration exercise , the deliberate inflation of figures from Ashati Region in the EC head office, the inconsistency of figures from phase one to the last phase of the registration, the duplication of ID and serial numbers, the violence at registration centers, the delibrarate removal of names of people from a particular geographical location, the allegation of foreigners and the complete scam of this exhibition exercise where the EC is now telling us people can vote even if they have their card and their names are not found in the register are clear indications of the EC’s lack of readiness and preparedness ahead of election 2020 underpinned by gross and super incompetence. What kind of elections are we going to witness in December 2020?. How can Ghanaians identify the new ID cards you are printing secretly at your offices and be issuing to people who did not take part during the registration exercise? This is nothing but a master plan from the presidency. Nothing about this current EC has ever been done well and the December General elections will not be exceptional. All the reasons given by Mrs. Jean Mensah led EC to the compilation of this new register has fallen flat and we have rather move from good to worse as a country so far as this mess called new voters register is concern. This is because you cannot call this register a biometric register.

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1. The EC told us the old biometric register was bloated and have a lot of foreigners, after the exercise this new register has foreigners. 2. They told us the old register is not credible but after the exercise inflation of figures was done by the EC themselves at their headquaters till they were caught.

3. They told us they were going to add facial recognition devices to the thump print and finger print system to make it more enhanced system than the old one but no facial recognition system was added.
4. The EC consistently gave us inaccurate figures from phase one of the registration exercise to the final face. As we speak we don’t know the total number of people registered if you are to tally based on the inconsistent figures given from phase one to the final phase of the exercise. This new register defeats the purpose of biometric data and is full of fraud, duplicate serial and ID numbers.

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Now Ghanaians can not verify biometrically or even manually but names being recorded in exercise books to update register how can u call this exhibition of new biometric register which supposed to be a true reflection of what will transpire on the election day? This deliberate deletion of names from the register compiled has never happened in our Democratic history not even when Rawlings was ruling as Democratically elected president but was once a military man.

Signed Azubila Salam Emmanuel Executive Secretary of Anchoring Democracy Advocacy Movement Ghana (ADAM-GH).

Approved by Ibrahim Adams. Director of Operations.



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