Idahosa Removed His Covering Over me, Nothing Worked Until I Apologised – Duncan – Williams Reveals to his Congregants





Cape Coast, 30th December, 2020, The Presiding Archbishop and General Overseer of the Action Chapel International (ACI) ministry, Nicholas Duncan-Williams who is popularly referred to as the ‘Papa’ has admonished his congregants to be very wary about offending their fathers. When that happens according to him and they remove their covering over you, things would be very difficult for you and no amount of prayer may help you.






In one of his sermons as cited on social media and referencing his own experience, he said President of Oral Roberts came to Ghana and had put his church in his news letter indicating that his (Duncan-Williams) church was one of Idahosa’s Churches which wasn’t but he (Idahosa) was his spiritual father.

“I was arrogant and young so I wrote to Oral Roberts to apologise to me because my church wasn’t under Benson Idahosa” he stated. He continued that “Oral Roberts sent the letter to Idahosa, so Idahosa sent for me and I said I was not coming”.







He continued his narration that when that happened, Idahosa wrote him a letter telling him, “If you’re not coming, then, you are on your own, I take my hands off you”. “That was when all my crisis begun”. “I prayed every prayer but it wouldn’t work” he said.

The ‘Papa’ as he is affectionately called, continued his sermon by adding that, he asked about Idahosa’s whereabout and had to meet him in London. “When I met him, I fell on my face, held his feet and I said mercy, mercy”. He added after that he held him and Idahosa prayed saying “Satan this is between me and my son, stay out of it”






Explaining further, he said it was after that prayer that things began to improve. According to him, after that prayer, the Secrete Service told him, they had been instructed to pick him but anytime they tried something happened and they didn’t know why. “It was then I remembered, that was the year I had conflict with Idahosa”.

Cautioning his congregants, he said, if anyone decides to leave his church, that person should make sure the person he is going to is anointed more than their Bishop. He added that, there are few things you must not do when leaving your spiritual father: one, don’t leave without his blessings, two, don’t leave with his anger and three, don’t go to anybody he disapproves off, and four, don’t go to anybody that is less anointed than him. “I’m telling you, it wouldn’t be well with you” he added.






Referencing from the Bible, the Presiding Bishop said, when Reuben sinned against Jacob, and Jacob cursed and disinherited him. He continued when Moses was blessing all the children of Jacob, he blessed everybody but when it came to Reuben, he couldn’t.

But all Moses said was that “Oh Lord, let not Reuben die and let not his men be few”. The ‘Papa’ further expounded that, Moses was a son of Jacob and so “He didn’t have the spiritual authority to override the father’s curse on Reuben”.

In addition, he explained that Moses couldn’t bless Reuben because when he met God at the burning bush and he asked ‘Who are you?’ “He said I am the God of your father’s, I am the God Abraham, I am the God of Jacob and I am the God of Isaac”.





He affirmed that even though Moses was very gifted, he was of a lower spiritual rank as compared to Jacob and as such didn’t have the spiritual authority to overturn a curse as pronounced against Reuben by Jacob.

Nicholas Duncan-Williams concluded by saying, this is what the Church is missing today. “They follow sons’ instead of fathers’”. “Sons’ don’t give you the coat of many colours, is father that give”. “Sons’ don’t cover, it is father who cover and sons’ don’t bless, it’s fathers’ who bless”.






“If you want a blessing, stay with a father and don’t follow a son and especially sons’ who betray their fathers, you must never follow them”. Such sons’ don’t last and have short life span, he ended.

From this narration as given by the Archbishop, it connotes that, irrespective of the father relationship you have, one must be careful with fathers and not to incur their wrath.

Fathers come in different forms: biological or spiritual. Any of these fathers can pronounce a course as well as bless you.






According to the Papa, such a curse can only be overturned by a more superior person than your father who pronounced the curse on you and as such people must be prudent in their dealings with their fathers








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