A/R: MCE Commissioned the distribution of Free Cocoa Nursery Plants In Offinso South Municipality.


Offinso South MCE Hon.Solomon Kesse together with Mr.Gabriel Tetteh who is the District Cocoa Officer distributed free cocoa nursery plants to some cocoa farmers in the municipality us part of the 60million cocoa nursery plants to be given free by Ghana Cocobod Nationwide.

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The District Cocoa Officer Mr.Gabriel Tetteh stated 1.2 million of cocoa nursery plants are to be distributed free to cocoa farmers in offinso North and South, 200 thousand cocoa nursery plants have been recorded at Agyeimpra Cocoa Nursery Site in Offinso South Municipality, 100 thousand plants are grown to be distributed to the farmers.

Furthermore, Mr.Gabriel Tetteh highlighted 184 farmers were to receive their cocoa nursery plants but due to measures ordered by the President following the spread of the virus on social gathering, 34 farmers were given the cocoa nursery plants in order to be able to practice the Social distancing protocols.

He added,every farmer is given a number of cocoa nursery plants according to their GPS determination and can conclude by saying an acre is given 435 cocoa nursery plants, this is to help replace cocoa parents plants affected by diseases and those that are unproductive anymore.

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MCE for Offinso South Hon. Solomon Kesse also said cocoa have been very costly in Ghana and therefore edging all farmers given the plants to try as much as possible to plants it within the next 3-4days in other to help them in few years because it an high breed plants.
Mr.Solomon also took the opportunity to advised all farmers to obey by the rules and measures on social gathering and help report symptoms of this dreadful virus.

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Beneficiaries(Cocoa farmers) also spread their enthusiasm towards this distribution and gave thanks to the NPP government led by Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo,MP for Offinso South,MCE and the District Cocoa Officer for the free cocoa nursery plants and plead for more.



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