A/R NPP Primaries: Electing Dr Kingsley Nyarko Represent Development And Transformation Of Kwadaso Constituency- Communication Team Members To Delegates


Some communication Team members of Npp in Kwadaso Constituency leading by Philip K. Amoah has lamented to the delegates that Kwadaso Constituency deserves a positive change and a change which would turn the political fortune and development of their beloved Constituency drastically. Dr Kingsley Nyarko holds the key to that positive change which represent development and transformation of Kwadaso Constituency.
Therefore they should elect Dr Kingsley Nyarko as Kwadaso constituency parliamentary candidate for 2020.

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This was follow by a press release below

Cabalistic representation of some of our executives and the caliber of some youth in our political setting is causing the downfall of the Kwadaso constituency in a jeopardy.

We normally draw categorical dissection concerning development in the pockets of some sycophantic individuals calculating for their perusal. The question is, why do we sometimes castigate the ordained and the messenger trying to revamped the lost symbol?

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The aggrandized personality will just hop up with their casuistry stories about him, because they don’t care about posterity but their personal self.

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The captivating nature of our noble constituency is sinking down the drain because of the cock and the bull stories woven around the servant who has advocated himself for the service of the constituency and to rescue the vulnerable from the muddy waters to the solid grounds.

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Furthermore, one would say, what is the work of a parliamentarian in our political arena?

Some school of thought, will say they “make laws” for the benefit of the entire country concerning how a country is being managed or governed and ruled.

Another school of thought also, laments on a parliamentarian been the mouth piece and a representative of some people in a locality, be it, debating, passing bills and acknowledging the plight of his people on the floor of parliament for redress.

A rational thinker would ask, it is necessary to hold the incumbent parliamentary candidate accountable for his failure in development?

One would say, development is not about grudge but a gracious way to rescue your people from filth, muddy waters, bad road network, making sure your constituents have themselves portable water to drink, revitalising your market and making sure the constituency is well and aesthetically planned and structured.

To our respected and assiduous delegates, I don’t want to expatiate and keep reiterating my words but all we will say is have a critical look at our state and save your people from their plight. So we present to you DR. KINGSLEY NYARKO, he who has Kwadaso at heart and care about the younger generation to acquire the seat of Kwadaso as ordained.

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Development begins with given the people the right to speak.

For more call

PHILIP K AMOAH -Communication Team member (NPP)

Gideon Nyamekye. Communication team member…+233 24 318 8304

Nana Kwadwo Akwaa..communication team member.+233 24 691 3905



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