A/R: Residents of Sepe-Timpon block road over flooding of community

A/R: Residents
A/R: Residents

Angry residents of Sepe-Timpom in the Asokore Mampong Municipality of the Ashanti Region have blocked a major road leading to the Asokore Mampong township after about ten houses in the area submerged after a downpour on Friday.

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Residents who have been affected by floodwaters are still counting their loses as most of their properties have been destroyed.

The victims have blamed the intensity of the floodwaters on the recent construction of a culvert by the Asokore Mampong Assembly.

“The bridge is causing the problem, all this is because of the bridge. Before the construction, the buildings were higher than the road but after the construction, there is no way for the water to pass. The work done on the road is very poor.”

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According to them, the construction of the culvert and the road which was supposed to ameliorate their plight has rather worsened the situation.

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“The bridge that they built is useless because the water came from there. The bridge brought the water from another town and it was very frightening. Some people were submerged neck-deep and we don’t know what to do.”

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Youth in the area are burning car tyres amidst blocking the road denying motorists access.

There is a deployment of armed police officers to the area, a situation which nearly caused confusion between residents and the forces.

Some residents who spoke to Citi News said they have resorted to the action because several calls on government and leadership of the Municipality has fallen on deaf ears.







“The reason why we have blocked the road is that we want them to hear us, we have been trying to reach them since last night but they are not picking up their phones so we have blocked the roads so that they will hear what is going on here. This is the third time this is happening; the first time we reported to them and no action was taken, last week it rained here and the same thing happened. Our grandfather went to see the MCE but he was not around, he left a message for him that we needed help but he did not show up, neither did he send someone.”

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The residents further called for government to come to their aid.

“This incident happened last night at 12am, we were asleep in the room and just realised that water was coming into our rooms, it was not easy. Yesterday it did not even rain here, the water came from somewhere and destroyed everything belonging to us so we are pleading with the government, our MCE and whoever is in charge to come and do something for us.”

“I am in JHS 3 and I am preparing for my BECE but all my books are wet so right now we don’t even know what to do. Last night I was sleeping when my sister woke me up, I got up only to realise our house was filled with water so they should please do something for us,” another resident lamented.

Residents of Sepe-Timpom have over the years complained of bad road network in the area.

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The natives noted that many of their foodstuff go waste at their various farmlands since the roads are not easily accessible and as a result, drivers use that as an advantage to increase prices whenever their services are needed.

However, what appeared to be the solution to their plight has rather introduced a bigger challenge.



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