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Ablakwa Calls For Inquiry Into Why He Got 87% Votes Instead Of 97%






Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, Member of Parliament for North Tongu, although getting re-elected by the largest percentage nationally, has launched an inquiry into why he failed to reach his 97 percent target during the just-ended polls.






It will be remembered that when the NDC MP completed his nomination at the Electoral Commission’s North Tongu district office, he indicated that his accomplishments over the past 8 years are his strongest asset heading into the 2020 elections and will obtain 97 percent.






Speaking during the filing of nomination he stated saying;

“We are determined to secure at least 97 percent for ourselves; 98 percent for John Mahama and our parliamentary candidate, my good self, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa because we have the track record. If you look at how we even responded to this pandemic, there are very few places that can compare; we are one of the very few constituencies who paid our private school teachers, we provided textbooks to all our students who were at home, we have purchased PPEs and other machines for carrying out the Covid-19 test, we have built an isolation center at the Battor Catholic hospital and many other interventions we have done.”







After the election which he won by 87 percent, he is sure that he could have received the target he set for himself therefore the need for him to start an inquiry into the reason he wasn’t able to reach the set target he made for himself.

He took to his social media to share his displeasure as he wrote saying;






Even though it has now been established that our North Tongu parliamentary victory margin of 89.71% is nationally the biggest for the 2020 elections and while I am exceedingly grateful to my beloved constituents for this collective achievement, we are honest to admit that we still fell short of our intended target of 97%. We have therefore commissioned research on how we can reach out to the about 10% and better understand their expectations as we hope to secure their support in the forward march of North Tongu.





We respect everyone’s decision, value every constituents concerns and will continue to ensure that we work together in unwavering unity to develop our dear constituency.”






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