Aggrieved Teachers give NPP 12 Hours to Pay their Salary Arrears





The Association of Aggrieved Teachers have given the NPP government 12 hours ultimatum to settle the payment of their arrears or risk loosing their votes.




This information was communicated to the public in a press statement issued by the Leadership of the group on the 6th of December,2020.

According to the group, government seem to be playing with the issue of the salary Arrears. “The NPP government has taken the delicate nature of the Legacy arrears to run away from their mandatory obligations…”, the statement noted.





They also described the payment of salary arrears owed teachers from 2012 to 2015 as a sham.

The group sought to explain how they have exhausted all avenues such as press release, press conferences, protests, meetings with state authorities among others over the past four years for the payment of their arrears.





In addition to the above the group claimed to have submitted several documents over and over again, but all ended up becoming a fiasco. They also described the payment of the arrears of a fraction of them as a vote Buying spree.

The group has however vowed to vote against the NPP if they failed to honour the payment of the arrears latest by 12 noon of 7th December, 2020.






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