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Akothee Praises Her Real Man For expensive vacation offer

Few weeks after landing in Kenya from Europe, Akothee announces her next vacation destination.

Kenya’s songstress, entertainer, and businesswoman Esther Akoth, popularly known as madam boss akothee has revealed that she found a man who will be taking to one of the sought-after destinations in Malaysia.

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Taking to social media Akothee shared a picture of a floating hotel which is believed to be Maldives hotels in Bangkok, saying that she was excited to have an opportunity of visiting Malaysia after lost hope, courtesy of one real man.

Maldives Hotels @Akothee INSTAGRAM

Akothee says that there are real men out there, implying that, she found a man who will be taking her there. Take a look at where Akothee will be serving us with life goals from;

For doubting Thomas’ Akothee is open to go with one witness at one condition, that the witness will have to pay for his/her own bills for the vacation.

Given that the Maldives hotels are one of the most expensive destinations in Malaysia, Akothee’s fans have been left wishing that they could go with her.  They just have to envy her and her rich male friends who can afford to treat her to such high-end destinations.



I will join you soon when am a billionaire like u madam boss nakupenda tu bure


Madam boss with this kind of economy I only dream about the place…next time when me and money fall in love, I will gladly accompany you😢😢😢😢😢




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