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Anas causes stir as Parliamentarians and government officials stay on guard in fear of his videos.




Ghanaians are drooling over the exposés of Anas Aremeyaw Anas. Anas’ decision to put his life on the line to catch corrupt persons in the country is something Ghanaians have been motivated by over the past few years. Anas’ identity remains an issue since no one has an idea about who he is and where he can be found even though many have tried their best to uncover his true identity.

Anas Aremeyaw Anas has been trending in the past few hours as Ghanaians cannot keep calm about what his next exposé will be about. The urge to hear from the tiger eye and the investigative journalist is due to no other reason than the fact that Ghanaians feel the government officials who are currently ruling government are spending and punishing Ghanaians a lot.




However, it seems there are no more fishes to catch in the sea (officials to be caught in their devious acts). And that’s because many Ghanaians believe that Anas’ exposés have finally seized the activities of corrupt officials and is currently scaring them to take their usual bribes as well as involve themselves in their devious acts. The activities of corruption even though is believed to be existent has reduced to some extent.

Parliamentarians and government officials who were earlier involved in most of these acts are seen no where and this is something Anas is being credited for as well as being called upon to maintain. The plea and cry of Ghanaians is for a change in governance as well as uncovering officials who are dipping their hands into the country’s coffers.




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