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Avoid any transaction with CBG – Traditionalist Voncujovi advises Ghanaians, hails Stanbic





A popular traditional figure with the Afrikan Magick Temple Christopher Voncujovi is advising Ghanaians and members of the General Public not to transact any business with Consolidated Bank of Ghana after what he claims was an act of discrimination against him by the bank.




He said the bank is not customer friendly and besides, when they realized he was a traditional vodu priest, they made things even worse for him after he went to the bank to withdraw $120 token sent him from abroad for herbs.

He wondered if they would have treated him the same way if he were a pastor and not a traditional priest.

After his unfortunate experience at CBG, he was able to seamlessly withdraw his money via Stanbic Bank.

The post which was shared on Facebook attracted several reactions condemning CBG bank for the treatment.



See Voncujovi’s full post

The Ghana Consolidated  Bank ( CBG ) is not a very good Bank to do Business with. Do not Bank with This Bank .They are Not a Customer Friendly Bank.

I had a friend whom I sent a set of herbal cleansing herbs to in the United States.
This friend sent me about $120USD to defray my cost.
The CBG Bank refused to give the money to me because  THEY the CBG Bank CANNOT  establish any relationship between me and the person who sent the money to me.
I showed them my  proves but they just decided not to give me the  money . I then went to Stanbic Bank to collect it.
Because I told the CBG Bank that I am a Traditional Priest and a Consultant, they did not respect me.  If I were a Pastor, I believed they would have given it to me without delaying  me for more than an hour.
All well Thinking People who believed and love our African  Culture should not do any  Business with this Bank…[email protected]







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