Bawumia blocks Twitter user for asking him about the $12m drones


Vice President of Ghana. Mahamudu Bawumia has blocked a twitter user for asking him questions about the $12m drones purchased by the government of Ghana in 2018.

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The $12 million contract was or the design, installation, and operation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVS), otherwise known as drones, for the delivery of medicines and other medical supplies to health facilities across the country has been awarded.




Dr. Bawumia in a tweet advised Africans to be ready for the changes going to occur in the global economy after COVID-19.

His tweet reads, “The post COVID-19 global economic architecture is going to be a radically different one. It will usher in more self- reliance by countries in the production of goods and services. We in Africa have to get ready for this future.”

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A twitter user with the username @CheEsquire questioned the Vice President on the use of the $12m drones purchased in 2018 at this time of crisis.

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To his surprised he got blocked by the Vice President.

He later revealed the situation saying that the Vice President asked the former Veep, Amissah Arthur 170 questions and did not get blocked but he asked only one question and now he has been blocked.





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