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Black Husband Goes On Hunger Strike After Wife Gives Birth To A Chinese Child



has gone on a hunger strike following something that happened in his matrimonial home.


According to the headlines, this man says he would not eat the meals prepared by his wife because he feels the woman cheated on him with her Chinese boss whose name has been given as Thomas.


According to a Somalian Newspaper, the man’s stale attitude came up after his wife delivered and the child looked nothing like them. In fact, the and he just cannot wrap his head around it.


He is black and his wife is equally black so why would their child turn out to be mixed race remains the mysterious question the man has been battling with.


The woman has tried all she can humanly do so her husband would eat meals prepared but he has remained adamant all because of their baby.

Reportedly, the man went to the Chinese’s man house to ask him why his baby looks like him but the man chased him out of the house with his dogs so he came back home and continued his hunger strike.

When he asked his wife why the child looks like her Chinese boss, all she could say was that the child looks Chinese because she ate lots of when she was pregnant.



There is everything wrong with what the wife said about eating Chinese food during pregnancy to explain why their child looks Chinese.

It is pretty evident she cheated on her husband with her boss and that is why their child looks the way it looks.




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