BREAKING: Keta MP Robbed Again!






Weeks after being stabbed, beaten and robbed at his home, Kwame Dzudzorli Gakpe, Member of Parliament for the Keta Constituency, suffered a second robbery attack.






When suspected robbers invaded the Rootsenaf Gas filling station belonging to the MP at Satsimadza near Agbozume on the Accra-Aflao route, the second attack took place on Sunday morning.






A security man at the post suffered gunshot wounds while a quantity of GH-7,000, a pump-action gun and other unspecified objects were removed by the robbers.

The assault was carried out, according to the MP, using a gun that had been stolen from him last year.






The MP was targeted by unknown gunmen at his Anlo-Afiadenygba residence on December 11, 2020.

The MP, including his parents and siblings, were brutalized in that the thugs took away enormous quantities of money from him in the attack.

The MP is calling for swift inquiries and arrest of the perpetrators following Sunday’s incident.






He, however, thinks that the attack could be a targeted one.








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