BREAKING: Top NPP official arrested in UK Over Money Laundering


A Former Ghanaian Goldman Sachs Banker, Ellias Preko, has been ordered by a UK court to pay £7.3m to the British treasury or face 10 more years in jail.   My News Ghana reports

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A UK court presided over by Judge David Tomlisonon Monday, September 2nd ordered Mr. Preko to return the money in three months.








Mr. Preko who has been in jail for four and a half years is facing the charges for helping a former Nigerian governor of Delta State, James Ibori to launder money in offshore accounts.

The 60-year-old Harvard graduate was believed to have abused his ‘gold-plated credentials’ to launder at least £3m plundered by Ibori, from Delta state treasury.

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He said he had run as a candidate for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) back in the mid-2000s.

Preko explained that Ghana is predominantly a cash-based society and that few receipts exist for his campaign spending.



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