Chinese province responds to discrimination claims on Africans


Tensions are running high in the Chinese city of Guangzhou over coronavirus rumours.

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According to community leaders hundreds of Africans remain unable to go home after being evicted from their homes and hotels over fears the coronavirus was spreading in African communities.




he Guangdong provincial government has responded to concerns of discrimination by calling China and Africa good friends, partners and brothers.

It said it attached “great importance to some African countries’ concerns and is working promptly to improve” its way of operating.

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But in Guangzhou many are concerned over the Africans’ treatment.

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A Nigerian student who doesn’t want to be named told me he was evicted from his home, arrested and forced into quarantine.





“Please we are begging the world to come to our rescue. The way that the Chinese government is treating us is unfair. They arrested me and forced me into quarantine and forced [me] into paying for the hotel,” he said.

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Videos have been trending online showing African nationals on the streets.

One showed a small group of Chinese traders marching through the area where African traders would usually congregate in protest. They claimed their business had suffered as many Africans were no longer able to trade.




Another video seen by the BBC appeared to show a Chinese landlord apologising to his tenant.

“Foreigners can’t live here anymore I am sorry. We have a community management rule. It’s not what you think. We will be fined,” he said.





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