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Confused Captain Smart Announces His Next Radio Station




Captain Smart has announced that he’s joining a new radio station.

After his suspension from Angel Broadcasting for attacking political leaders, Smart resigned of his own volition.



It was expected that he was going to work to establish his own media house, Smart TV, but he has instead run to a new employer.

Smart posted a cryptic post Monday May 31st, announcing that effective today, June 1st 2021, he’s joining a new station.

Initially, he said he had left an ‘A’ station for another ‘A’ station – from Adom to Angel – but now he’s joining a ‘K’ station.

Smart however, later changed the ‘K’ in his update to an ‘O’.

That has left netizens confused on his next move – however, he has actually joined Media General – his ‘O’ was for Onua.

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