Coronavirus: Dead bodies being left in the streets


A coffin containing the body of a person who is supposed to have died from Covid-19 lays wrapped in plastic and covered with cardboard, outside a block of family apartments in Guayaquil on April 2.

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-08 at 8.19.50 PM

The smell is too much to take. “It’s the odor from the body that one can no longer handle,” Espana’s neighbor, Glenda Larrea Vera says in the same video, from across the street and behind a mask. “And we also have neighbors that are elderly. I have my mother who is 80 who is also having respiratory problems.”





Video surveillance from last week obtained by CNN shows a motorcyclist abandon a body in the street. Hours later, a group of people, dressed in special hazmat suits are seen picking up the deceased, then driving off in a vehicle






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