Danger Looms In Wale Wale After Family Of Dead Coronavirus Patient Describe Test Results As Fake


The family of a 19-year-old man who died after testing positive for Coronavirus at the Wale Wale Government Hospital has rejected the test result conducted by the Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research describing the results as fake. My News Ghana has established

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The family spokesperson who spoke to a section of the media made the revelation that their relative did show certain symptoms of the virus but they are not sure that he died from the novel coronavirus. He had asthma and we believe that is what killed our son and not what the reports are saying.




The management and staff here refused to attend to our son when we first brought him here if they did he wouldn’t have passed out. Now if they did not have a hand to attend to him then what hand did he use to get test results for the dead person. We are highly disappointed with the staff here and we want them laid off.

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The 19-year-old suspect COVID-19 patient died four hours after his admission at the Wale Wale Hospital. Test result from the Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research revealed that the deceased had the coronavirus but as to whether the patient had died through the coronavirus remains a mystery.

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The family members have, however, said they suspect a cover-up plot by the management of the Walewale hospital.

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“From the beginning up the end its lies, there no truth in it”, spokesman of the Family, Ibrahim Alhassan told JoyNews, Saturday morning.

He continued, “We are not saying the disease doesn’t exist but our son did not die with that virus. He is an asthmatic patient. It’s purely political and there something behind it.”



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