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Diamond exposed over her fake pregnancy for Bugri Naabu, the real owner of her East Legon plots





Ghost Blogger, Aba The Great has pulled an Anas on Diamond Appiah with an intriguing exposé.

In a series of posts, she unveiled the man behind Diamond Appiah’s claims that she’s a real estate tycoon with lands at East Legon.

According to the Ghost Blogger, Diamond Appiah owns nothing but she’s just a face of Bugri Naabu’s land business at East Legon.




She alleged that the former NPP Northern Regional Chairman is the real owner of the land Diamond Appiah claims she sells.

Aba The Great also talked about how Diamond tried to get pregnant for the politician to secure her future but all attempts proved futile.


In short, the ghost blogger says the braggart of a socialite is just a land guard for Bugri Naabu.






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