Domestic abuse on the increase – DOVVSU boss cries


Director of the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU), Chief Superintendent Owusua Kyeremeh, says domestic violence against women is on the increase because some men think women are not supposed to be part of society.

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She said the figures will continue to increase if some men don’t change their mindset concerning women being kitchen commodities.






Madam Kyeremeh, in a discussion live on ‘YEASETENA MU’, the mid-morning show on Asempa 94.7, said it was sad that some men were still living with the notion that the place of a woman is the kitchen and they must not to be allowed to participate in any societal activity.

She said the days of women being forced to only take up house chores were over and some men must prepare their minds to accept that fact.

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According to her, some men don’t agree with the fact that women should be given access to education left alone take up leadership positions in society.

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Some men for fear of losing their supremacy at home go to the extent of refusing their wives the opportunity to take up leadership position, denying them access to pursue their goals and admiration.

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The DOVVSU boss said there were men who feel women must not be allowed to contribute in decision making in society at all because they feel women are naive.

“Some men have no respect for women at all, they are still living with the thought that women are not right thinking members of society and must not be allowed to sit on the table with men during discussion,” Chief Supt Kyeremeh added.

She advised men to accept women as part of society and not for kitchen and home chores because women are equally capable of thinking and taking decisions for societal development and growth.



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