Don’t blame me for Joyce Blessing’s ‘stupid divorce’ – Jullie Jay-Kanz spits more fire





The former publicist for Award winning Gospel Musician, Joyce Blessing, Jullie Jay-Kanz, has received an earful of insults from a Facebook users after she made some unpleasant remarks about the musician.

The Facebook user with the handle ‘Catherine Sam’ tried to attack Jullie Jay-Kanz also known as Juliana Ntiamoah for wishing Joyce Blessing’s ex-husband, Dave Joy, a happy birthday.




Readers will recall that Joyce once accused Jullie Jay-Kanz, her former publicist, of being the mastermind behind the collapse of her marriage.

Rumors also had it that Dave and Julie were dating, the more reason why his marriage with Joyce Blessings took a nosedive.

However, in what was meant to be a birthday message, Jullie Jay-Kanz on January 10, 2021, highlighted how “dear Dave” is to her and thanked him for his support over the years. She also asked for the blessings of God over his life and ended by saying she loves him.




IJoyce Blessing and Jullie Jay-Kanz

It was in this effect that the Facebook user slammed Jullie Jay-Kanz saying:

Betrayal at the highest point. Remember, when you throw a stone against a wall, it bounces back to you. Karma really works, it will be waiting patiently! Enjoy while it lasts,”




And in an immediate rude response, the Former Joyce Blessing publicist called her for being stupid adding that it was no fault of hers Joyce Blessing divorced her husband.

“Stupidity at the highest point. Remember, when someone stupidly divorces her husband it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t send him best wishes on his birthday. Karma really works, it will be waiting patiently! Bleed while it lasts.”

Read what ensued between Julie Jay Kanz and the Facebook user below:

Jullie Jay-Kanz







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