Don’t Follow The Incompetent Twins, NPP and NDC, To Destroy Ghana During Election 2020 – Joy warned Ghanaians


The only independent presidential candidate for 2012, 2016 and if possible the upcoming general elections, 2020, Mr Jacob Osei Yeboah ( Joy) has also express his opinion on the allegations between NPP and NDC on the Electoral Commission (EC) New Voter Registration.

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In a statement posted on Mr Jacob Osei Yeboah- Joy official page and Joy2020 TV in which a copy was also send to newsroom, Joy lamented that, Ghana is suffering from Incompetent allegation of New Voters’ Register by NDC and shocking Super Incompetent Response by NPP in their Respective Press Conferences on 14th May, 2020.
The date was a perfect day to warn Ghanaians not to follow the incompetent twins, NPP and NDC, to destroy Ghana during election 2020.

So NDC and NPP do not know the difference between voters’ register and biometric database?
Ignorance is a killer.

In a press conference by the NPP, Read by Peter Mac. Many National Campaign Chairman, questioned Ndc party;
We want the people of Ghana to ask the NDC this simple but important question: “so what is it about the 2012 voters register that the NDC is so determined to protect it from being replaced? What is in that 2012 register that the NDC is threatening civil war if it is changed for a better one?”

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Joy expressed his opinion by assessing this allegation as, “Super incompetent questions!”, from Npp party.

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 Independent presidential candidate Mr Jacob Osei Yeboah (Joy )
Independent presidential candidate Mr Jacob Osei Yeboah (Joy )

Moreover Ndc’s press conference, read by their national chairman Ofosu Ampofo on alleges EC ploy to rig election 2020 in concert with NIA.
Also they States that, the implication is that, almost 11 million (constituting 62%) of eligible voters will have to go through the sworn oath option to be able to register for a Voters’ ID, if the EC’s illogical and wasteful decision to compile a needless new Voter’s Register for the 2020 general elections materializes.

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Indeed, many are those who have responded to the situation by even publicly questioning the rationale for a new voters’ register when the nation has an existing voters’ register which has delivered two (2) credible general elections and three credible (3) District Level Elections with legitimate outcomes.

On this press conference by Ndc, Joy called it ” another Incompetent allegations from the Ndc Camp.

He urged the two political party to stop this useless allegations and leave the EC to work on it own directions to conduct a peaceful elections in 2020.

Long live Ghana
Long live Joy for 2020 president.



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