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Don’t take credit for peaceful election – Murtala Muhammed tells ‘incompetent’ EC






Parliament Returnee, Ibrahim Murtala Muhammed has said the Electoral Commission (EC) should not take undue credit for the peaceful nature of Ghana’s election.

He wants the people of Ghana to be given the credit for comporting themselves and ensuring that there was peace in the country after the general elections.







He argues that the actions of the Commission even before the election could have plunged the country into chaos and therefore, are not worth any form of commendation.

“It is amazing that Jean Mensa is taking credit with arrogance for the peaceful nature of the election. The peaceful nature of the elections should be credited to the good people of this country not her. Her conduct could have resulted to violence,” he said in an interview with Pan African Television.







On the election, he insisted that the Commission had massaged the figures in favour of the governing New Patriotic Party.

The Electoral Commission Chairperson while declaring the results of this year’s election was appreciative of how smooth the systems have worked during the electoral process and was grateful that the country continues to enjoy its peace.






“We can be proud that for the first in our history, all our processes from registration to election day were laid bare to the citizenry. Through the Let the Citizens Know initiative, we provided every citizen, who cares to know, with relevant timely information.”







“We can also be proud that as Ghanaians, we went to the polls and cast our votes peacefully. We can be proud that the technology deployed on election day worked efficiently and effectively. Voters all over the country have testified to the pleasant and seamless experiences at their respective polling stations,” she stated.








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