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Drama : Bride’s wig falls off as groom takes her down to the ground for a kiss [Watch]






Drama at wedding… They say laughter is food for the soul and this painfully hilarious video will leave you in stitches.

Surely this is the wedding of the year, who tackles their wife down to the ground for a kiss? Lol!






Have time to serve drama despite having tough times behind and ahead caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

With public gatherings and weddings restricted to a few numbers, this wedding was witnessed by a few selected relatives and friends in Pietermaritzburg.







A family friend managed to share a clip with those who failed to turn up for the event.

Check out the video below :






A ‘fresh’ bride has caused massive stir on social media and has warmed hearts on her own wedding day with some amazing dance moves in a latest video to hit online.

The video that has since gone viral and has been shared over and over again captured the newly-wed bride dancing her heart out as she was being cheered on by her friends.









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