Edi-ul-Fitr: How coronavirus has turned Nima into a ‘ghost town’ [video]


The coronavirus pandemic is having a devastating effect on a popular town in Accra which becomes a centre of attraction during Edi-ul-Fitr celebration.

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Nima, venue for the annual carnival to celebrate the end of a successful Ramadan is a ghost town.

The yearly event, dubbed, Sallafest showcases chiefs of the various northern ethnic groups in the country dressed in their traditional regalia with some riding on horsebacks.

The event is largely credited for bringing together thousands of Muslims across the Muslim communities in Accra on one platform.

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But due to the ban on social gatherings to prevent a spread of the pandemic, the event was cancelled.

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Adom FM’s Mubarak Yakuku who visited the town said vehicles were moving freely on the Nima highway which hitherto would have been a no go area.

Even in the town, he said very few vehicles and motorbikes were seen moving on the streets.

The youth in the area who would normally display their motor riding skills, he stated were sitting quietly in smaller groups as they mark the Eid.

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Those who spoke to Mubarak described this year’s Eid celebration without the usual mammoth congregational prayers at the Black Star Square as a very emotional.

“At the end of a 30-day fast, we should celebrate it with Sallafest but coronavirus has destroyed everything” a resident said.



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