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Empty-headed Ghanaians Call On Twene Jonas For Answers After PHOTOS Of Flooded Cities In The US Goes Viral




The way some Ghanaians can display their foolishness if you allow them is almost legendary. They are calling on Twene Jonas to come and give them answers as to why a city in the US has flooded when he has always been making noise about how the system works uninterrupted abroad.

Pictures of the area affected by the flood are all over social media. The flood reportedly happened in a small town in Michigan after two hours of rain.

According to reports, the incident is of natural causes and not man-made but for the single fact that something like this has happened in the States means Twene Jonas lied when he said the place is like heaven as everything is perfect.



When you hear people pass such comments, it becomes hard to tell how they reason. A few days ago, many parts of the city, Accra flooded after five hours of rain, a whole capital town still experiences flood even after an hour of rainfall making it difficult for vehicles and people to move freely, causing heavy traffic in town and rendering many homeless.

How can that be compared to a small town in the States?


As the reporter said, comparing these two instances is like comparing apples with oranges— it is completely insane. He says the system would continue to work in the States regardless of the photos we are seeing online today.

In other news, Xandy Kamel has taken a bite of the humble pie and has apologized to Salma Mumin for the slandering comments she made about her a couple of weeks ago.




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