Enact a law that forces gov’ts to complete projects of predecessors – Lydia Forson


Actress Lydia Forson is proposing for the enactment of a law that will force governments to complete all the projects their predecessors started before they can start new projects when they take over the government.

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There is a tradition in Ghana ‘s political space where new governments leave projects started by their predecessors in the name of also fulfilling their promises to the people after they have been voted into power.

This has left a number of projects in the country to rot because governments that came decided not to complete them for the previous government to take credit.




But in a tweet expressing her opinion on the raging debate sighted by MyNewsGh.com, Lydia Forson thinks that only a law will force governments to complete old projects before they start with new ones.

Ms Forson’s tweet read “We need to have a law that requires all governments to complete projects started by their predecessors. We’ve got too many uncompleted projects wasting away because of petty party politics. Almost every administration is guilty of this”.

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