Fantana set to ‘finish’ Wendy Shay, reveals deep secrets


Rufftown Records signee, Fantana, is definitely not letting sleeping dogs lie as she is set to expose Wendy Shay in series of Instagram posts.

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The past few days have been ‘bloody’ as the two rivals have thrown jabs and counter jabs at each other after Fantana labeled Wendy Shay a higher local champion.

Fantana revealed the whole brouhaha started when Rufftown Records made her lie during her first interview that she was introduced to Bullet by Wendy Shay.

The aim, she explained, was to make her colleague look like a better person with the record label at heart though she did not know about her entry until she released her first song.

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“She was nice but after portraying her in the good light because of the lie, she became a bitter person. She sees me as a threat and she changed towards me.

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“I did not expect things to even be like this; she has done so many things to me behind closed doors. If I could describe a human being as evil and someone with a black heart and wicked heart it will be Wendy,” she claimed.

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To her, Wendy Shay’s greed and intolerance have caused the record label every peace it deserves, daring her to prove she knew her before touching down in.



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