Father who slapped son for failing exam after paying $21k tuition fees breaks silence


The Kenyan father, Mr George Mambezi, who has since gone viral for beating up his son for failing to sit for Maths and English exam but got an ‘A’ grade in music despite spending $21,000 on his school fees, has now responded to the critics.

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Mr Mambezi is reportedly a top staff at a multi-national telecommunications company in Zambia, and he has responded to ‘human rights activists’ who have been blasting him for ‘disciplining’ his son.






Mr Mambezi, in a letter addressed to a Zambian blog, said only he can decide how best to discipline his son as he was brought up in the village and his Christian religion permits him to discipline his child.








The man further said that anyone who isn’t happy with the way he treated his son, should come and file papers and adopt the young man and ”see if they will be happy after spending $21,000 on his tutition only to see him singing.”

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Posting on Facebook, Mr Mambezi, who has since been called for questioning by Zambian police said;

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I know your page is the most happening and the most popular in Zambia at the moment so I would like to address this issue on your platform for maximum audience.

First of all, Bambino is my son and I have the right to discipline him, am a staunch Christian and an advocate for human rights.

In as much as I can slap my son, it’s all because of love and me wanting the best for him.
I cannot kill him or feed him snakes if he requested for fish. I grew up in the village and am one of the few people that were privileged to acquire a sound education and I would want to pass that legacy to the next generation.

The Bible clearly says spare the rod spoil the child in Proverbs 13:24. I won’t let my child eat ma 2V in the name of human rights, therefore, if you think I was wrong , go to the relevant authorities and process the adoption papers for him.

Let’s see if you will be happy seeing him walk in the streets singing for K2 like Fly Jay and Lawino after spending $21,000 on tuition.

George Mambezi….



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