Female presenter threatens to expose Nana Romeo for bullying Wendy Shay


Radio presenter, Afia Fabregaz, has threatened to deal with colleague Nana Romeo fair and square for bullying Wendy Shay during an interview.

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Nana Romeo, who insisted Wendy Shay was in a sexual relation with her record label owner, Bullet, touched the nerves of the latter who walked out of the studio.



The situation has angered some Ghanaians as it was the second time the host had dad issues with a musician on live radio; the first was walking KiDi out for showing up 20 minutes late.

One of those who is boiling up is Kingdom FM’s Afia Fabregaz who interrupted a phone-in interview to blast Nana Romeo.

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According to her, Nana Romeo has no right to ask about the sexual relations of two adults, since he is also fond of wooing colleagues in the media industry.

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Revealing some private details about their encounter, she revealed it would be invasion of privacy should she leak such information and hence does not expect ‘saint’ Romeo to do same.

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She insisted that evidence she has about her colleague could cost him his job and the heat of their clash was so intense Nana Romeo had to end the call.



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