Ghanaian resident in UK narrates how wife survived covid-19 [listen]


A Ghanaian resident in the United Kingdom (UK) has narrated how he managed his wife who was infected with the novel coronavirus.

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According to Eric Osei, his wife was healthy till she received a call from her sister two weeks ago and asked that they go for shopping.




Narrating his experience on Adom FM’s morning show Dwaso Nsem on Thursday, Mr Osei said his wife, who happens to be a nurse, started experiencing symptoms of the virus including headaches, body pains and fever just two hours after returning from shopping.

According to him, because he suspected it could be coronavirus due to the symptoms he asked the wife to rest in her room.

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“Because I couldn’t touch her, she was made to go sleep and she started complaining bitterly about severe pains even at her backbone,” he recounted

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He said they then decided to call the UK covid-19 hotline and based on questions her wife answered, they decided to come pick her with an ambulance that day.

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He said as at dawn that night, the hospital officials had not arrived.

“We were on the phone for almost two hours before they picked and even when they picked they said they were coming with ambulance but never came but I knew they were busy and it was not deliberate,” he added.




Speaking of the symptoms, he said his wife’s temperature was very high and had some difficulty in breathing. He said though he was supposed to isolate himself, he was very worried about his wife’s condition and could not even sleep.




“If someone gets coronavirus and you are very close to the person, you are supposed to isolate yourself but I was scared too. One secret about coronavirus is that the more you lie down, though you feel good, it would kill you and the more you get up and walk, you lose breathe,” he revealed.

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He said after some time, he was forced to contact his family and his mother asked that he boils ginger, apple cider vinegar and lemon and give it to the wife.

“My wife is not a Ghanaian and trust me, we have never tried this remedy before and because of her condition, she was even forcing me to give it to her to drink, it worked,” he said.

He said the reason why people are dying as a result of the virus is because it attacks the respiratory organs and becomes worse if a person already has a chronic sickness.







He said though the hospital never attended to them, officials of the hospital called to check progress of his wife’s condition which was intense for about four hours causing hallucinations in her dreams, a situation he described as very scary.

He said though he was in the same space with the wife, he and their child were asked to isolate themselves to prevent them contracting the sickness for 14 days though they were not tested.

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Mr Osei, reiterating his horrifying experience, appealed to Ghanaians not to joke with the measures put in place by the government during the lockdown.



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