Ghanian Herbalists Has a Cure for COVID-19! Why is Ghana failing To Project Our Own? – Joy vowed


The Presidential candidate for 2012, 2016 and the upcoming elections 2020, Mr Jacob Osei Yeboah (JOY) has urged Ghanaians to project our own herbalists in the fight against covid-19 battle.

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According to Joy, on his personal Facebook page and Joy2020 TV page emphasised that, he believed that some Herbalists which include; Dr. Amin Bonsu has had a cure for COVID-19! Why is Ghana failing to project our own? After all, we’ve already accessed the IMF $1b that we needed to support our fragile economy. The government should not continue to play diplomatic games with our authentic livelihood up to the point of vaccine trial of COVID-19 in Ghana. In Ghana, we live with Malaria (in USA and Europe one shall be quarantined) and flu as recurring illnesses. We treat and continue to live but if one fails to treat, the person gets killed.

CEO of Amen Herbal center, Dr Bonsu

Let’s open the economy now.
The government has already used “Lockdown” as the code to accessed the IMF $1b, and we all supported that. But we knew the Lockdown will rather increase COVID-19 cases because of hunger that will lead the vulnerable to disregard COVID-19 protocols, but we were not perturbed.

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For the government and GHS know that COVID-19 will not kill Ghanaians except those with underlying sicknesses which they term as Co morbidity. Check and follow all their press briefings this assertion is always assured. Until the 9th, when the President addressed the nation that he boldly even mentioned kontomere and dawadawa to help cure COVID-19. Clap for H.E. Nana Addo.

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By June, which marks the end of support of water and electricity to Ghanaians, the economy shall be opened.

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