God will bless my business and I’m going to buy a big house for my bae – Moesha Boduong


It seems like the controversial actress and Instagram model Moesha Bodoung has finally found love and this time, we think it’s for real hence she will do anything to keep this man.

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Following her Snapchat post and some other social media platform, Moesha’s posts have been about love and in one of her recent posts on Snapchat, she couldn’t hide her joy but tell the world how much she loves her man.

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From the look of things, it seems her mystery “BAE” has gifted her a huge amount of money to venture into a trade of some sort.

Elated Moesha filled with gratitude, revealed that she is going to buy a house for her mystery bae should God bless her.

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She wrote;

“God is going to bless my business and I am going to buy a big house for my bae dreams really come true’’


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Source: BrownGh.com



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