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Government should play role in solving Suicidal cases- Mrs Stella Mawutor(Volta regional Director of Social welfare)




On 29th May, 2021,Mrs Stella Mawutor, Volta Regional Director of Social welfare, Volta region,  stated some of the roles that government should play to help solve suicidal cases in Ghana on Trendz show, at Dekash TV.
According to her, the government has a major role to play when it comes to solving of suicidal cases.She explained that the government should ensure that all state agencies which has something to do with the well being of citizens should come together and set  goals to maintain the dignity of Ghanaian citizens.

She added that the social Department is putting measures in place to set a policy which will promote foster care service to children.
With this policy, all Children and teenagers who undergo child abuse and domestic problems will be identified and trained by foster parents.

She also encouraged that anyone who face challenges or find his/herself in a problem should seek for Guidance and counselling in any of the Government institutions.

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