Govt has left us to die like animals – Ndebugri laments

Private Legal Practitioner John Ndebugri has expressed worry over the neglect of the Upper East region in the fight against COVID-19.

According to him, efforts at fighting the deadly pandemic is limited to Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi whiles the people are dying in the Upper East region of the deadly virus.

To him, the disregard for the people of the Upper East region is because government sees them as animals and expect them to die.





Lawyer Ndebugri indicated that he has been in the Upper East region since the outbreak of the disease and has decided not to come to Accra although he has cases to attend to because to him, the virus is a dangerous one he does not intend joking with.

He said what’s even worrying is the fact that when you die as a result of the deadly disease, your family will not have the opportunity of seeing the last of you and that a group of people will be given your precious dead body while you family stands lonely and cannot do anything.




“If we die or we don’t die they don’t care about us and we are just here.”

“Your family cannot touch you, people from nowhere will have to bury you while your family looks lonely, this is the reason why people like us do not like it else as I’m in my 70s why should I be afraid to die.”





“When they say vulnerable, we are the vulnerable people but they don’t care about us here, their only interest is in Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi. They have forgotten about us here. If you want to know the gravity of the virus unless testing is done. Since you don’t test, why will you say Accra or Kumasi recorded more cases.”







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